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     On 'Outburst':

'A masterful debut book (...) the release of Outburst marks the emergence of a fresh new voice in graphic fiction.' (

'The ambiguity that Coudyzer creates is clever and adds to the feel of the story being akin to a modern fairy tale (...) a melancholy, magic feel which felt very reminiscent Of Guillermo Del Toro's films, in particular Pan's Labyrinth (...) Pieter Coudyzer weaves a brilliant and tragic tale through a winning combination of writing and stunning artwork.' (

'Kafkaeske and Lynchian, it's excruciating, uncomfortable, but weirdly great.' (


'Outburst surprised me with it's quiet colors and the soft way it unraveled Tom's story. It's a somber tale that made me grief for a person I knew wasn't real, but had already pulled me into their world.' (


'Pieter Coudyzer does ask an interesting question – what if your place of respite is also an affliction that tortures you and drives you to the brink?' (

'The colours and graphics chosen by Coudyzer make the mental state of the protagonist almost palpable (...) Pieter Coudyzer has created a disturbing and touching debut.' (, translated from French)


'In his first graphic novel Pieter Coudyzer (...) proposes a graphic universe combining realism with the grotesque to powerful effect (...) the script is somber and Kafkaeske, but not without a certain poetry (...) l'Arborescent is a disturbing and atypical work that shows in a surprising way the reluctance by which society accepts difference.' (bodoi, translated from French)


'This is an astonishing graphic novel.' (senscritique, translated from French)

'Coudyzer doesn't make it easy for the reader, but Woekeraar has none the less become a beautifully drawn, dark fairytale.' (Johpols, translated from dutch)


'Thanks to the surreal elements and personal treatment of the subject matter, Coudyzer turns Woekeraar into an unique story that fascinates and leaves the reader with an unnerving feeling.' (Michael Minneboo, translated from Dutch)


'The story flows from one panel to the next, which results in a pleasant and quiet reading experience.' (, translated from Dutch)

On The Passerby:


'A film with a rare emotional intensity that confronts the viewer with a harshly realistic story through a highly creative cinematographical approach. Design, colours, movement and sounds are carefully interwoven to form a remarkable work of art, with a distinctive filmmaking voice.' (ISFFC Jury)


'(The Passerby...) is a very complete film, from the conception of the idea, the technique and the narrative. It is one of those films that captivate because they show a piece of life in an unconventional but fearfully strong way. A little gem.'


'The filmmaker let's us enter the minds of the characters (...) it's a rare thing in animation, and particularly impressive.' (revue24images)


'More surprises follow, including beautiful cameramovements. The explicit camerawork surprises and moves, as in superb live-action films like 'Mommy' and 'Elephant'. The Passerby is a majestic snapshot (...) a beautifully made, poetic film, that seems ready for a succestour around international festivals.' (, translated from Dutch)

'This short manages to get under your skin quickly and is able to hit you where it hurts... emotional and intense... this one stuck with us for a while. It's great character design, combined with unnerving feelings just below the surface, created a sad but powerful story.' (Goshort)


  • Oustanding Screenplay - Sherman Oaks Film Festival 2021 (US)

  • Outstanding Short Film - Sherman Oaks Film festival 2021 (US)

  • Best Animated Short - Halofest August 2021

  • Best Animated Short - Asterfest 2021 (Mas)

  • Special Jury Prize - Insomnia Animation Film Festival 2020 (RU)

  • Best Animated Short - Vienna Indie Short Film Festival 2021 (AUS)

  • Best Animation Award - Festival Regard 2021 (Canada)

  • Best Animation Award - NY Independent Cinema Awards 2021 (US)

  • Third place - ISAFF 2021 (RU)

  • Best Animation Award - Santa Monica Shorts 2021 (US)

  • Best Soundtrack (Ruben De Gheselle) – Reale Film Festival 2021

  • Audience Award - New York City Short Film Festival 2020 (US)

  • Best Animation Award - Aesthetica Short Film Festival York 2020 (UK)

  • Best Animation Film Award - LA Sun Film Festival 2021 (US)

  • Best Orginal Music for a Short Film - Annecy (FR)

  • Critics Choice Award - Big Cartoon Festival Moscow 2020 (RU)

  • Second Prize Best Short Film - International Short Film Festival Cyprus 2020 (CY)

  • Special Mention Best Belgian Short - Anima 2016

  • Special Mention Spark Animation Festival 2020 (Canada)

  • Special Mention Student Jury - Filem'On 2016 (BE)

  • Special Mention, Silvester Comics Award 2016

  • Tofuzi (Georgia) 2014 - Special Mention International Jury

  • Winner Danny Elfman Project, LA Film Festival 2017 (US)

  • Winner Outstanding Selection (TW) - Kaohsiung Film Festival 2016

  • Anima Brussels 2013 - SABAM Award (BE)

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